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Westland John Innes No 2 Compost

Westland John Innes No 2 Compost

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John Innes No. 2 Potting On Compost

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This compost contains a blend of carefully selected soil, peat and grit, graded to produce the ideal medium for potting on or repotting plants to allow them to develop a better root system. The compost enhances moisture retention, reducing the risk of plants drying out as well as having a regulated availability of nutrients producing more controlled growth. The peat content facilitates air movement providing an ideal medium for root development while grit content aids compost drainage.

Specially designed with a reduced peat mix as a potting on compost for tomatoes, cucumbers, Geraniums, Fushias and most house plants.

The compost is supplied with enough nutrients to meet plant requirements for the first 4-5 weeks. Thereafter, for best results commence feeding with Feed-all Plant Food.

When to Use

Use all year round January to December

How to Use


  1. Thoroughly water the plant, gently tap the pot to remove, shake off loose compost
  2. Place plant in new pot with new compost, fill gaps with new compost, firm down and water

Planting out

  1. Dig a hole approx. twice the depth and diameter of the root ball
  2. Place plant in hole with the new compost, fill gaps with new compost, form down and water


Nutrient Content & pH:
The compost contains a balanced fertiliser complete with trace elements and has a pH of 6.0-7.0.

Why Use

John Innes composts were developed over 50 years ago and are based on a traditional recipe of loam, peat and horticultural grit with added nutrients. John Innes No 2 Potting-On Compost, a loam based compost which is a naturally reduced peat mix, is specifically designed for the growth & establishment of plants.

This compost has a rich, nutrient content making it suitable for vigorous plants such as Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Geraniums, Fuchsias and most house plants. It is easy to water and re-wet and the high loam content acts as a buffer for nutrients to help stabilise plants in pots and containers. It also contains Potassium humate.

The benefits of added Potassium humate

Potassium humate is the potassium salt of Humic acid. It helps to create healthy soil conditions through aeration making the soil easier to work with. It also assists with the availability of micro-nutrients such as Calcium, Iron, Manganese, Zinc and Copper.

General Advice

  • Use in a well-ventilated place and avoid breathing dust
  • Always wear gloves when gardening and wash hands after use
  • Store in a frost-free place and away from weed killers and other garden chemicals

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the differences between John Innes Composts?

A. John Innes Composts are designed to be a life partner for plants. John Innes Seed Sowing Compost has a small amount of nutrients to encourage germination. John Innes No1 has a little more nutrients, perfect for transplanting seedlings. John Innes No2 is used for potting on young plants and John Innes No3, which has the most nutrients, is best used for final potting up of plants. John Innes Ericaceous is suitable for all acid loving (lime-hating) plants

Q. Will my pets or wildlife be attracted to this product?

A. John Innes No 2 Potting On Compost does not contain any organic elements so shouldn’t be attractive to animals.

Q. Can I use this compost for my houseplants?

A. John Innes No 2 will be perfect for potting on seedlings and young plants and for re-potting houseplants, you could also consider using our Westland Houseplant potting mix

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