One year hardy plant guarantee

We guarantee all hardy plants, trees, shrubs, and other hard perennials plants for 1 year from date of purchase as long as they are planted correctly and kept well watered.  We are pleased to advise you on planting - what you need and how to do it.  Watering is particularly important especially with large plants in containers.  Daily watering may be required in dry weather.  (Please keep your receipt as proof of purchase.  This does not affect your statutory rights.)

We cannot however guarantee a plant if there has been adverse weather conditions such as frost or if it has been affected by lack of water or too much water, pest  or diseases.  We will be happy to look at any of our plants if you bring them back as we can often tell the cause of any problems.

A selection of trees we have in stock now include, Malus, Olives, Silver Birch., Acers

Acers Different Varieties,  Sizes and prices available.