Shrubs for Sunny Spots, Shady Spots, Borders & Pots - we have a lovely range of great quality British Grown Shrubs.

All your favourite shrubs such as Azaleas, Camellias, Rhododendrons, Pieris, Heucheras, Hebes, Acers


Buxus topiary ball £12.99                                                       Buxus topiary cone £19.99

Evergreen Azaleas British Grown 2 litre £8.99. Lots of varieties.

George arends , Orange King, Arabesk, Herbert, Mary Helen, Geisha Orange, Maria Elena, Red Wing, Samta Maria, Geisha Purple, Johanna, Hot Shot, Belly Ann Vos, Maruschka, Canzonetta



Dwarf Rhododendron "Blue Silver" £13.99             Dwarf Rhododendron  Elizabeth Hobbie £13.99

Dwarf Rhododendron "Ginny Gee" £13.99              Dwarf Rhododendron Wee Bee £13.99

Dwarf Rhododendron "Scarlet Wonder" £13.99     Dwarf Rhhododendron Ramapo £13.99

Azaleas £19.99 Arabesk, Hot Shot, Silvester, Stewartstonian, Johanna, Mme van Hecke


Large Rhododendrons full of buds and flower looking amazing!



Rhododendron "Goldkrone" £24.99   Surrey Heath £24.99

Rhododendron "Taurus" £24.99         Dreamland £24.99

Rhododendron Silver Edge £24.99   Scintillation £24.99



various sizes and prices of skimmias.

various sizes , varieties and prices of camellias available. Prices from £10.99.


Hebes £9.99 each or 2 for £17




Pieris 3 pack £10.99 plus other sizes and varieties of Pieris available and looking great.


Nandina Firepower £9.99                  Viburnum Eve Price £8.99


Hydrangea Macrophylla pink white and blue £7.99.

 Euonymus Prices from £6.99            Ceanothus prices from £8.99

Emerald n  Gold - £8.99                       Blue Mound - £8.99

Kathy - £6.99                                           Repens £8.99

Francien £7.99 

Emerald Gaiety £8.99

bigger sizes available.