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Norway Spruce

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Norway Spruce (Picea Abies)

Trees will start arriving week commencing 23rd of November. Please check trees are here before you visit. Most Norway Spruce come the first week of december to ensure they are cut fresh.

The traditional Christmas tree with short, green needles.

For many years Norway Sruce was the most popular Christmas tree variety in the United Kingdom. Its popularity stems from the fact that it grew throughout the British Isles and it naturally produced the classic Christmas tree shape.

Norway Spruce grows naturally throughout Northern Europe and tolerates most soil conditions but requires good drainage.

Regular pruning and shearing can produce a bushy, well-shaped tree. If it is allowed to dry out when brought into the home it can drop its needles quite badly. However, if kept in a water holding stand which is regularly topped up with water it should remain fresh throughout the festive period with minimal needle drop.

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8-12ft trees available . Trees priced by overall size and shape.

Please call for availability on 01752 771820

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