Nordmann Fir 180 – 200 cm – 6 ft (Cut)

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Nordmann Fir - 180 – 200 cm – 6 ft


Trees will start arriving week commencing the 22nd of November. Please phone to check stock has arrived before coming.

The most popular Christmas tree variety by far. With a classic Christmas tree shape and long, soft, dark green needles the Nordmann Fir has excellent needle holding properties.

We only buy premium first-class trees. We buy trees from Scotland and other parts of England. We also handpick several trees from local suppliers.

Nordmann Fir originates from the Caucus Mountain range which divides Turkey and Georgia.

Seed from Ambourlaui, Georgia, on the northern side of the mountain range is preferred. This produces trees that are later flushing and slower growing. Slower growing trees produce more branches which are ideal for Christmas trees. Trees that flush into growth later in the season are less likely to suffer from frost damage, which can make the foliage unsightly.

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