Herbs & Vegetables

Herbs & Vegetables

Get Into Gardening and Grow Your Own!

Growing vegetables can be really easy. In the garden centre we set out a number of easy growing projects from growing tomatoes or potatoes to herbs and chillies.

Great fun for all the family, educational and as Organic as you like!

We get fresh deliveries throughout the week from many local suppliers within 40 miles of the garden centre.

Don't forget to visit the bedding page or the compost section under the online shop section to view the compost options and put it all down on the form. if you need plant food , hanging baskets etc its all available have a look at various pages or ask us when we ring you.


All bedding, veg and herbs, tender plants will need to be protected from frosts. We are still having cooler nights. Many people will be growing in green houses. on window sills etc so if your plants are oustide protect from cold temperatures during the day and night and look out for frost warnings. Use fleece or put your plants out during the day and bring in at night.

Warm sunshine and wind can dry plants out so keep an eye on watering but do not overly soak young plants or with cold temperatures around. Check daily and water daily if reuired early monring or later at night, into the pots avoiding the leaves and foliage.

Pot Vegetables £1.79 each

Aubergine Black Beauty

Chilli Pepper Apache

Chilli Pepper Habanero Paper Lantern

Chilli Pepper Scotch Bonnet

Courgette El Greco

Courgette Golden Jemmer

Courgette Shooting Star (Climbing)

Cucumber F1 Femspot

Cucumber Mini Hana

Cucumber Ridge Perfection

Sweet Pepper Green Bellboy

Pot Tomatoes £1.49 each

Tomato Ailsa Craig

Tomato Alicante

Tomato Baby Plum Lucinda

Tomato Beefmaster

Tomato Gardeners Delight

Tomato Shirley

Tomato Tigerella

Tomato Tomatoberry

Tomato Tumbling Tom Yellow

Tomato Sweet Million

Tomato Totem

Tomato Money Maker

Vegetable 6 pack trays- £2.49 each 

Leeks , Spring Onions, Runner Beans, Peas, Chard , Celery, Broad Beans, Sugar Snap Peas,

Vegetable strip packs £2.49 each 6 for £13.50 must be bought in 6's.

Bean Broad Bunyards Exhibition

Bean Climbing French Purple

Bean Climbing French

Bean French Dwarf

Bean Runner

Beetroot Mixed



Brussel Sprouts

Cabbage Pointed Sweetheart

Cabbage Red

Cabbage Round

Cabbage Savoy

Cabbage Spring

Carrot Baby Round

Carrot Chantenay

Carrot Rainbow Mixed



Chilli Pepper Scotch Bonnet

Courgette El Greco

Courgette Golden

Cucumber F1

Cucumber Mini

Curly Kale Red

Curly Kale


Lettuce Baby Leaf Mix

Lettuce Butterhead

Lettuce Cos

Lettuce Iceberg

Lettuce Little Gem

Lettuce Lollo Rosso

Lettuce Red Salad Bowl


Onion Mammoth White

Onion Red

Onion White



Peas Sugar Snap

Purple Sprouting Broccoli Early


Spring Onion Red

Spring Onion White

Sweetcorn Extra Sweet

Tomato Alicante

Tomato Baby Plum Lucinda

Tomato Beefmaster

Tomato Gardeners Delight

Tomato Moneymaker

Tomato Roma

Tomato Shirley

Tomato Sungold

Tomato Super Sweet 100

Tomato Tumbling Tom Red


9cm herbs 3 for £5 mix provided

1 litre herbs 2 for £5.00 mix provided.

Mix will be provided from

9cms - chives, mint garden spearmint, french parsley, thyme lemon

1 litre - coriander, thyme, garden mint spearmint, curly parsely, oregano, sage , sage purple, curry plant, rosemary


9cm £1.99 each 3 for £5.00 please order in 3's

Elsanta, Lucy, Juidbell, Sonata, Sweetheart, Vibrant, Romina, Red Gauntlet

1 lite £2.99 each

Albion, Cambridge Favourite, Sonata, San Andreas


we have blueberries, raspberries , rhubarb, gooseberry, blackcurrants, red currants

prces start from £7.99

  Strawberries £2.99 each 1 litre