We have a great range of Herbaceous plants in all sizes.

A particularly popular range is our Perennial range £2.99 each or 4 for £10.We are low on stock at the moment.

Limited stock on perennials

Chapel Cottage Herbaceous Perennials We will pick a mix of 4 for £10 from what we have.

Also available Anemone coronaria Harmony Double White, Aster novi-belgii Lady in Blue, Astilbe chinensis, Campanula medium Blue, Coreopsis grandiflora Early Sunrise, Echinops sphaerocephalus Arctic Glow, Gaillardia x grandiflora Mesa Yellow, Geranium x oxonianum Wargrave Pink, Geum Mrs J Bradshaw, Gypsophila repens White, Helianthemum Cerise Queen, Hollyhock (Alcea) Chater's Double Mixed, Hosta Great Expectations, Iris germanica Blue, Kniphofia Mixed Hybrids, Liatris spicata Violet, Lobelia cardinalis Queen Victoria, Malva moschata Rosea, Nepeta x faassenii Kit Cat, Phlox subulata Candy Stripes, Polemonium caeruleum Blue, Potentilla nepalensis Miss Willmott, Pyrethrum coccineum Semi-Double Mix, Salvia x sylvestris Rose Queen, Scabiosa Pink Diamonds, Sidalcea Stark's Hybrids, Verbascum phoeniceum Violetta, Viola .sororia Freckles

These products are changing daily and alternate varieites may be offered instead.

Peonies budding nicely! Please specify from the choice below prices shown on pots.

Hardy Asiatic Lillies £4.99 each , yellow, white, pink, orange and red.

Dicentra  - really beautiful! Other Varieties Available

Decientra Spectabilis Alba £9.99 Other varities available

Lupins - available in large as shown here £ 9.99 or smaller 1 litre sizes £3.99

smaller lupins £3.99

Scabious pink or blue £7.99

Lavenders available in 9cm 3 for £5, 1 litre 2 for £5 or 3 litre pot £7.99 each

3 litre - Rosea, Vera, Munstead, Hidcote, Papillon, Little Lady

zantedeschia 3 litre £19.99

Erysimums 1 litre £3.99 each

Primula Vialii 1 litre £3.99 each

Alstroemaria plants 3 litre £11.99 each