Growing Projects

Grow your own Strawberries in a pot or grow bag!

    • strawberries

      Choose 2 or more varieties to give fruit over a long period.>

    • Use a strawberry planter or a growing bag or just plant 3 plants in a 10 litre pot.

    • Use New Horizon peat free Organic Compost.

    • Place in a sunny spot and water well.

    • Feed with ‘Tomorite’ tomato food from April until the fruits form.

    • Strawberries in pots are safer from slugs but cover if you find birds are wanting to share your fruit!

    • Enjoy a succession of lovely home grown strawberries!


Grow your own Blueberries in a pot

  • blueberries

    Choose 2 or more varieties. They will cross pollinate and give you a good crop.

  • Plant in at least a 10 litre pot (About 32cm). Use a terracotta pot and place on the patio for a decorative look as they are attractive plants.

  • Plant in Arthur Bowers ‘Ericaceous Compost’. Tip—Ericaceous compost is used for plants which do not like lime. These include azaleas and camellias.

  • Plant in full sun for juicy berries. Water well—never let the pots dry out. Place in semi–shade in really hot weather.

  • Feed in April and July with an ericaceous fertiliser like Miracid

  • Re-pot as required and prune new shoots to about 60cm in July.

  • Enjoy!

Grow your own Potatoes

Coming soon!

Grow your own Runner Beans

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Grow your own Cabbages

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Grow your own Herbs

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Grow your own Carrots

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