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Our 'Get Into Gardening Programme' is designed to make gardening simple and help everyone with growing projects, ideas, inspiration and advice. We don't want you to worry about plants, their unpronounceable Latin Names, scary advice like pruning or anything else that sounds off putting or too complicated!

We have great starter projects from growing fruit and veg to planting in your garden or in pots on the patio. We know most people want fairly quick results and some great scented summer colour for everyone to admire while you enjoy a barbecue with friends.

Look out for our NEW Gardener advice boards, ' Get Into Gardening' growing projects and lots more to get you on your way!

I write this to all new gardeners out there, I have grown up in the garden centre and I don't really know much about plants at all but i am learning!

Remember gardening can be growing herbs on a window sill in the kitchen or designing a whole garden!

This year in the garden we are going to:

and grow our own!

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Top tips for new gardeners:

  • First you need to decide where you are going to sit in your garden. Where you willl put the BBQ, table and chairs etc and then you can plan everything else!

  • Think about lawns and paving combinations. Lawns need looking after but if you have children you really need a lawn. We should also do our bit for the environment and have a bit of both!

  • Check out the overall orientation of the garden to see which areas are sunny and those that are more shady. Different plants like different spots in the garden.

  • You will need to find out if your soil is acidic or alkaline as this will determine the types of plants that can be grown successfully. In Plymouth we mostly have alkaline soil.

  • Think about what theme or style of garden you would like. A minimal garden with neat pots or bushy, flowery full borders. Remember you can create pretty much anything in small or large gardens with colour, scent to make a big impact.

  • Use a combination of garden plants, planted pots and baskets. Make sure you choose the pots you like first then find the plants to suit those pots! You can even cheat and use the 'You Pick We Plant' Service or choose from ready made pots so we do the work for you!

  • Seek advice from the experts on 'Easy to Grow' Plants, Shrubs etc... for example BULBS - are great and so easy to grow! Plant them once, they come up every year with minimal effort and you can pretty much get bulbs all year round! A mix of evergreen plants and bedding for colour works a treat!

  • Visit the Garden Centre on a regular basis throughout the year as this will give you inspiration throughout each season.

  • Buy an easy to understand book on plants such as the Dr Hessayon series. This will give a general guide on planting.

  • Don’t be afraid of making mistakes you can always remove something and just sit back relax and enjoy your garden.

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