Fraser Fir - 150 – 175 cm – 5 ft (Cut)

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Fraser Fir - 150 – 175 cm – 5 ft 


Trees will start arriving week commencing the 22nd of November. Please check they have arrived before coming.

Originating from the United States, particularly in the region Mount Rogers, this has become a popular tree due to its similarity to the traditional Spruce tree, but with excellent needle holding. It grows quite quickly in comparison to other firs, but unlike its cousins can be readily pruned to shape with very good results. It has the advantage of a strong scent that fills the home.

Our team and ready and waiting to help you choose your tree! We can pull them out from the back, hold them, twirl them, guard the potential choices and when you have finally found the one you want, we will trim the stump so the tree can drink, trim the bottoms to go in your stand, net the tree and help you to the car!

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