Fertilizers / Foods

Fertilizers / Foods


Whether you are feeding young plants or established shrubs, we stock a variety of fertilisers and foods for all types of plants and vegetables including houseplants.

Our range includes Scotts Miracle Gro range of soluable fertilisers. We also have a range of traditional fertilisers including Bonemeal, Growmore, Fish Blood and Bone and Sulphate of Potash.

We are always available to give advice so please contact the information desk and garden team for advice when purchasing or using garden chemicals or fertilisers.We recommend you always follow the manufacturers guidelines.

We run promotions throughout the year on many key brands so check out what's in store regularly.


        4kg box £6.99 2 for £12                                                                                             1.5kg box £4.99


                 Specialist Feeds 1.5kg box £4.99                                                              Q4 2.5kg box £5.99 / 0.9kg Bag £5.49

Vitax  Feeds. 0.9kg bag.   RRP £5.99 our price £4.99 save £1. Clematis, Tree /Shrub, Acer, Azalea & Rhododendron,. Rose, Olive & Buxus


Gro Sure slow release food  50% Extra free 1.65kg box £5.99              Gro Sure  slow Slow release bag 33% extra free


Liquid Growmore £6.99               Maxi Crop Seaweed Lawn Food £10.99       Maxi Crop Plant Growth Stimulant £10.99/£6.99

Vitax Liquid Seaweed £7.99        Maxi Crop Sequestered Iron 1 L £10.99      Maxi Crop Complete Garden Feed £10.99/£6.99

Westland Liquid Seaweed £5.99      Maxi Crop Sequestered Iron 500ml £6.99

Westland Gro Sure Liquid Foods (makes 75 feeds ) and Big Tom £4.99 each . RRP £5.99 SAVE £1


Maxi Crop 1 Litre Tomato feed £9.99                                                               Neudorff Organic Tomato Food £5.99


1.3 Litre Tomorite £4.99 each 2 for £8                                                             Large bottle £6.99

Performance Organics range of Fertilisers


Alll purpose concentrate liquid food £5.99                         All purpose concentrate fruit & veg liquid food £5.99      


 Fruit & Veg granular food £6.99                          All purpose granular food £6.99                       


All purpose soluble food £3.99   500g        All purpose soluble food £5.99 1kg


   1itre All purpose Concentrate liquid £4.99 2 for £8



RTU Pour & Feed £3.99 / 1 Litre                 All purpose concentrate £9.99                          Ready to use Pour & Feed £6.99


Slow release Ericaceous Feed £5.99       Gro Sure slow release feed £4.99          Ericaceous Concentrate Liquid Food £4.99

2 for £10                                                                                                                                                 2 for £8


Westland Rose Food 3kg £7.99                  Westland Rose Food 1.5kg £5.99             Top Rose £4.99


Miracle Grow Rose & Shrub                  Neudorff ORganic Rose Feed                      Miracle Gro Slow Release Rose & Shrub Food

Liquid Food £4.99                                   1 Litre £5.99                                                              £5.99