Christmas Trees are here! I cannot believe how quickly this year has gone. It seems like yesterday that I was writing the Plymouth Magazine article last December and we were coping with snow! Everybody got some rocksalt, a shovel and a sledge ? We are all so well prepared this year! I have pulled all my waterproofs out and they are still covered in needles from last year! It’s my favourite time of year, pink cheeks, wet hair, mud, you name it and of course maybe some snow again!         

So what type of tree do you fancy this year?

We have a lovely range of potted trees this year and a good range of sizes. Because a pot grown tree is relatively more expensive (yet have the feel good factor compared to cut trees) they are normally smaller but this year we have sourced some good sized trees and they are well worth the price (remember it could last you years!) Pot grown trees have a good chance of surviving if you look after them well. Although they don’t like the sudden changes in temperatures from outdoor to indoor and back out again (they are trees afterall!) they usually grow well and survive until the summer when owners often don’t realise just how much they need to drink! So water well all year and hopefully you can grow your own Christmas tree to be the centre piece of your front room for years to come! Look out for potted containerized trees that have been dug up and put in a pot so their roots have been disturbed and they don’t stand such a good chance of growing on. Potted trees often sell out early so come in early to choose form our selection of Norways, Nordmans and Blue Spruce.

Cut Trees

As usual we have a full range of Traditional Norway Spruce and Low Needle Drop Trees including Nordmann & Firs, Fraser Firs. 8ft trees and larger will be in short supply so make sure you get your order in quickly if you would like one of these! Get on the order list early! 2016 list has already started!

Fraser Fir – My Favourite! A great scent.

Frasers are traditionally a slimmer tree but they have a great shape! This year when I was marking them in the plantation I picked out some real beauties, they were perfect in everyway – they almost looked like they were machine made they were that good! Of course trees are living things and they don’t always grow the way you want them to, most always have a querky bit! But this year I was really happy with all the frasers, they have grown well and were tall, evenly spread and full and I would definitely recommend these trees as my first choice this year! I will be pulling out the cream of the crop again this year so come early to get the best one! But I can safely say that having chosen and tagged all the local ones myself you will be pleased with all of them! Most of our Frasers are locally grown which is really nice and they are always very fresh, literally cut and brought in the same day or following day. They haven’t been netted or squashed on pallets either! You can’t beat that. The plantations are a secret and remembering the way is always difficult – no tom tom assistance! It was a bit of fun this year, although it rained from the minute we got there and we were covered in mud we had a giggle on the way home when we were delayed by the locals – a heard of pregnant cows, cows and calves who don’t move for anyone! Love it! We have also had some stunning Frasers from Scotland. They are really busy and perfectly pruned into a beautiful shape.

Traditional Norway Spruce – these trees will drop their needles eventually and more so than needlefast trees but keep them outside for as long as possible, keep them very well watered and away from heat sources and you should be fine! It’s a very popular tree. Just remember to bring your gloves if you are going to choose one of these as they are more prickly!

Nordmann Fir - a low eedle drop tree which tends to be more bushy and has thicker more spread out branches and needles. It’s the number one seller! We have some trees coming from Denmark this year (we also had some last year) and these tend to be bigger heavier trees so if BIG is your ideal tree this should suit!

Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year

Fiona & the Team at Plymouth Garden Centre!


Plant of the month

Ilex (Holly)

Evergreen shrub grown for their foliage and fruits. An excellent habitat for nesting birds because of the protection against predators. The berries provide food for resident birds, visiting fieldfares and redwings.