Christmas Trees are here! I cannot believe how quickly this year has gone. It's been a strange year for all of us but i think eveyrone is looking forward ot being able to spend Chirstmas with loved ones.  I have pulled all my waterproofs out and they are still covered in needles from last year! It’s my favourite time of year, pink cheeks, wet hair, mud, you name it and of course maybe some snow again!  This year Lee and I have been to various plantations and Charlie has been bopping around in his car checking out the trees in the centre!

So what type of tree do you fancy this year?

We have a lovely range of potted trees this year and a good range of sizes. Because a pot grown tree is relatively more expensive (yet have the feel good factor compared to cut trees) they are normally smaller but this year we have sourced some good sized trees and they are well worth the price (remember it could last you years!) Pot grown trees have a good chance of surviving if you look after them well. Although they don’t like the sudden changes in temperatures from outdoor to indoor and back out again (they are trees afterall!) they usually grow well and survive until the summer when owners often don’t realise just how much they need to drink! So water well into the pot all year and hopefully you can grow your own Christmas tree to be the centre piece of your front room for years to come!  Pot grown trees often sell out quickly so come in early to choose form our selection of Norways, Fraser Firs, Nordmans and Blue Spruce including the 'Super Blue' which gets more and more blue each year it grows! 

Cut Trees

As usual we have a full range of Traditional Norway Spruce and Low Needle Drop Trees including Nordmann Firs & Fraser Firs. 8ft trees and larger will be in short supply so make sure you visit as soon as possible or get your order in quickly if you would like one of these! The 2022 customer order list has already started and if you would like me to handpick your tree from our local grower in Somerset then please give us a call. We head into the fields in August / September to start choosing. 

Fraser Fir – My Favourite! A great scent.

Frasers are traditionally a slimmer tree but they have a great shape! This year when I was marking them in the plantation I picked out some real beauties, they were perfect in everyway – they almost looked like they were machine made they were that good! Of course trees are living things and they don’t always grow the way you want them to, most always have a querky bit! But this year I was really happy with all the frasers, they have grown well and were tall, evenly spread and full and I would definitely recommend these trees as my first choice this year! I will be pulling out the cream of the crop again this year so come early to get the best one! But I can safely say that having chosen and tagged all the local ones myself you will be pleased with all of them! The rest of our Frasers and most of the smaller sizes come from a wonderful grower in Scotland who we love working with. His plantation is sizeable but well managed and he really cares for the environment. The grower puts a lot of effort into his trees as they are really bushy and perfectly pruned into a beautiful shape. Visiting his plantation and seeing his passion for the trees is a real joy. 

Traditional Norway Spruce – these trees will drop their needles eventually and rsmore so than needlefast trees but keep them outside for as long as possible, keep them very well watered and away from heat sources and you will be fine! It’s a very popular tree. Just remember to bring your gloves if you are going to choose one of these as they are more prickly! Ours are grown locally in Somerset so are cut really fresh and with us within a day or two. They are hugely bushy and generous on size so are great value for money. Many people still love this traditional tree and we are one of the few places still selling them.

Nordmann Fir - a low needle drop tree which tends to be more bushy and has thicker more spread out branches and needles. It’s the number one seller! They can be very wide and have large trunks so be sure to bring your stand with you when choosing a tree to make sure your tree will have enough water in the stand. These trees look fabulous in bay windows and we have a great selection in all sizes. We are specialists in large trees and can source trees up to 20feet. We take orders for most large trees especially anything over 9ft but always call and ask as we have spare stock up to about 11 feet. 

We will always take the half inch off the bottom of the trunk for you which will enable your tree to drink water. It will drink about 1-2 litres a day intially so keep your stand well topped up and check it everyday. This is the best way to reduce the needle drop - keep your tree hydrated and away from heat sources. I have had seevral customers say their tree was still looking good in february and some even move it back outside and put bird feeders in the tree for a little while to get more use out of the tree! 

We can help you find the right stand for your tree. It's important to have enough space for the trunk and lots of water. Larger trees need wider bases for stability. I always suggest investing in the stand and going slightly bigger incase you get a bigger tree or trunk in the future! 

As always the team are on hand to help you choose your tree and will pick. stand and twirl your trees for you! they are all out of their nets so you can see what you are getting. Remember once the tree is in the house it's always bigger than you think! 

All are trees are sourced from local or British growers who have sustainable farms and replant for all their trees they harvest. They care about the environment and their trees with most trees having been grown for ten or more years before they take centre place in the home. We hope you enjoy your tree as much as we have enjoyed finding the perfect ones for you!

Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year

Fiona & the Team at Plymouth Garden Centre!


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