Visit the garden centre for a large range of Birdcare products. Brands include Tom Chambers and Gardman.

We stock a range of Bird Boxes, Bird Tables, Feeding Stations and Feeders. We also have a bird box camera nesting box.

With a vast amount of food to choose from, even those with fussy birds will find some suitable foods! We have Peanuts, Seed, No Mess Seed, Classic Blends, Sunflower Hearts, Robin Food, Blackbird Food, Fat Balls, Suet Treats and much more.

We often run special offers on bird food and feeders.


£19.99       Peckish large bag                        £8.99          Nice Nuts                         £6.99 Sunflower Hearts


      £4.99         No Mess                        £4.99  Daily Seed Blend BOGOF                £5.99 Classic Seed