it's always colourful whether its autumn  / wInter or spring / summer -

We are sourcing bedding locally and from national nuseries. We do expect to see shortages and growers are closed and  some have stopped growing. We will see how the seaosn goes!

In order to keep the supply and delivery to you as quick as possible we are offering a limited range, minimum buy quantiites and bundles to help those who aren't sure what they would like. We will provide a good selection.


All bedding, veg and herbs, tender plants will need to be protected from frosts. We are still having cooler nights. Many people will be growing in green houses. on window sills etc so if your plants are oustide protect from cold temperatures during the day and night and look out for frost warnings. Use fleece or put your plants out during the day and bring in at night.

Warm sunshine and wind can dry plants out so keep an eye on watering but do not overly soak young plants or with cold temperatures around. Check daily and water daily if reuired early monring or later at night, into the pots avoiding the leaves and foliage.

if you are doing hanging baskets please state and we will put more trailing plants into the mix. we will only use a geranium or fuchsia for the centre of the hanging baskets.

we will choose either (Pastel) a mix of pinks, purples, blues white etc. or  (hot) a mix of reds , oranges, yellows, whites please specifiy pastel or hot colours.

due to suply shortage we are really low on bedding - we only have 1 litre items now

Bedding Selections

6 packs bedding packs £2.99 each. currently out of stock

OFFER B 6 x 9cm/10cm Patio Plants £1.99 each 6 for £10 currently out of stock

OFFER C 3 x 13cm or 1 litre pot bedding plants £3.99 each for £10 you can specify mix or all the same.

The selection will be subject to availability and subsitutes may have to be made but choice will be from the following:

6 pack bedding - petunias, marigolds, mimulus, verbena, begonia semps, pansies, violas, imaptiens, lobelia trailing or bush, allysum in a variety of colours. just specify pastel or hot mixes

9/10cm patio plants - surfinias, bacopa, verbena, nemesias, tumbelinas, calibrachoas, trailing & upright fuchsias, mini osteos, upright lobelia and more

13cm / 1 litre pot bedding plants - geraniums lots of colours, osteospermums, dhalias, upright fuchsia, trailing fuchsia, hardy fuchsia, argyranthemums, trailing begonias ' tenellas' & 'illuminations'. Upright non stop beginias. Gazanias, Cosmos.

If you have certain preferences e.g. 6 x 6 pack of pink petunias, 9 red geraniums, 6 white osteos etc   that is fine just specify and let us know if you are doing hanging baskets so we can provide more trailers in the 9/10cms.

Ivy Leaf / Traiing Geraniums 9cm/10cm - £2.49 each


Other bedding type plants

Ready made hanging baskets, plastic baskets - limited stock

Fuchsia (plastic ) £12.99

Surfinia (plastic) £12.99

Mixed flowering (plastic) £12.99

We will do our best to get it all right but please remember we have very few team to keep to social distancing and going as fast as we can to get orders out to you! . it will all look lovely when blooming in the garden!


Don't forget to visit the vegetables and herbs pages or the compost section under the online shop section to view the compost options and put it all down on the form. if you need plant food , hanging baskets etc its all avialble have a look at various pages or ask us when we ring you.

  Sweet Peas            3 for £5                                                                         Osteopermum £3.99 each 3 for £10


1 litre Geraniums £3.99 3 for £10

Non Stop Begonias various Colours £3.99 3 for £10  Tennellas and Illuminations (trailing Varieties ) £3.99 2 for £10


1 litre Regal Pelargoniums £3.99 each

9/10cm Patio Plants 6 for £10


6 pack bedding packs 6 packs for £15

24 pack bedding £7.99

1 litre Cosmos £3.99 each or 6 pack Cosmos mixed Colours £3.99 each

Argyranthemums £3.99 3 for £10

Hanging Baskets

Dianthus Bowl £8.99                                                           Viola Bowls £4.99


1 litre Nemesias £4.99