About Plymouth Garden Centre

We are a traditional family run garden centre based in Devon in the South West with a great emphasis on gardening. Most of our plants are sourced from local nurseries who provide regular and often weekly deliveries of fresh stock. We are pleased to support West Country Growers with some of the finest specimens grown locally.

We are convenient to a large area of Plymouth and you will find a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable and on hand to answer your queries. Many have been with PGC for over 10 years and some 40 years! We have been established for over 55 years and are 4 times winners of the 'Investors in People Award'. 

A visit to Plymouth

Plymouth Garden Centre is also more than just a shopping experience.
A surprise is that you will notice we are located within a Victorian Fort.
Bowden Battery was built in the 1860’s as part of a ring of defences around Plymouth to protect the Naval Dockyard from a land attack.
Many of the original features remain.

The outer wall with rifle slits runs along the back of the car parks. The original entrance remains and the drawbridge mechanism is visible.
As you walk through the gates you are walking over the original drawbridge which lies beneath you. The main guardhouse block is at the entrance too. You can find other original features as you walk around including gun emplacements with circular railways; tunnel entrances and ammunition stores.

So come and see us and enjoy a different shopping experience.

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