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Westland WEST+ Ericaceous Compost with 4 months feed 25L

Westland WEST+ Ericaceous Compost with 4 months feed 25L

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What is West Plus

Westland WEST PLUS Ericaeous Compost Mini Bale 25litre

Key Benefits:

  • Lime free ready to use, compressed compost
  • West Plus Technology uses 50% peat and 50% West Plus
  • Integral carry handle and weighs less than 5.5kg
  • 50% mre root development, essential for ericaeous plants.
  • Size 25L

West+ Ericacaceous Compost has been specially formulated to feed your plants for up to 4 months, making it ideal for acid-loving plants such as Azaleas, Camellias, Berberis, Pieris, Hydrangea, Heathers, Magnolia, Skimmia, Conifers and Blueberries.

By mixing 50% West+ with 50% peat Westland has provided the perfect growing conditions, resulting in strong roots and flowers and overall plant health whilst, at the same time, reducing the use of peat.

West+ itself is an additive made from a fibrous material, sourced locally from trees grown in sustainable forests in accordance with Forest Stewardship Council guidelines.

Extensive independent growing trials, comparing different composts, have proven that the West+ range produces the best root and flower development.

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