New Varieties

New Varieties

We are always on the look out for something new

There is a great range of new introductions arriving to the garden centre this year that will be featured in our hot spots. These are new and exciting varieties all suitable for pots and gardens. They are easy to care for and will reward us will lots of colour.

Scented Viola collection. They grow to 23cm (9") tall and around 30cm (12") in spread. They are suitable to grow in sun or part shade in any soil. The flowers are sweetly scented and available in yellow, purple, blue and white. They will be available between March and April.

Everlasting sweet peas (Lathyrus latifolius), these are a fantastic hardy and perennial climbing plant. The flowers are not fragrant, but why not grow them along side Sweet Pea 'Royal Mixed' (Laythrus ordoratus) for the best of both worlds. Sweet Pea 'Royal Mixed' have early and very large, fragrant flowers on long stem, which make them perfect for cutting. The flowers bloom in early summer in regal shades of red, white, blue and purple. They are quite tolerant of drought and if regularly picked will flower into the autumn. Both will be available from March and April.

A new and stunning Aquilegia will be available from April called 'Spitfire'. It is a hardy perennial with redish orange, fiery flowers in early summer. It is an unusual and interesting Aquilegia and growing to only 30cm (12") in height it is perfectly suited to rockeries and the front of borders. It will be happy in most soils and will like a position in sun to part shade.

An attractive low growing evergreen to arrive in March and April is Diosma. We have two varieties coming in, the first is Diosma 'Pink Fountain'. It is a delightful and colourful small rounded hardy evergreen shrub. The foliage is fine and has a feathery-heather like appearance. The flowers are pinky white, small but carried in abundance from late spring to summer. The second is Diosma 'Sunset Gold', this is a delicate, evergreen shrub with fine textured golden leaves and abundant pink flowers over long season in spring. They both prefer a sheltered position in full sun with free draining soil. Growing to around 70cm (28") in height and 1m (39") across.

For the shady border a brilliant new Foxglove, Digitalis ‘Illumination’ is a cross between the common foxglove and Isoplexis Canariensis. It is nearly as hardy as the foxglove, with the perennial qualities of the Isoplexis and the colour range is really interesting. It flowers all summer long and is great for attracting pollenating insects. It grows to approximately 60-90cm (24-36") in height, and 30cm (12") in spread. It will be avaible between May and June.

A new Clematis available in May and June for ground cover is Clematis Filigree. It only grows to spread of 60-90cm (24-36") in a sprawiling habit unlike most other Clematis, so it is perfectly suited to the front of borders or as ground cover. It has light mauve flowers that are large, sometimes semi doubles and produced all over the plant. It flowers non stop all summer and look fantastic in pots and hanging baskets. It is a real show stopper and suitable for even the smallest garden.

Last year Busy Lizzies where a wash out because of the downy mildew out break, but don't let it defeat your displays this year. Available from June we are having a new variety of Busy Lizzie called Impatiens 'Sunpatiens'. These are new hybrid of Busy Lizzies that are resistant to downy mildew and do not get affected by it. They are quick growing, robust plants that can stand a lot of neglect and drought. They quickly recover and bounce back. A single plant is enough to cover 1 square metre (3 square feet) and do not require any dead heading. They come in the usaual shades of orange. red, white and pinks and have larger than normal flowers. Grow them in sun or shade in a fertile moist soil.

For the fruit growers, a new variety of strawberry will be available from May called 'Pineberry'. It is an extremely unusual variety that has white fruit. The berries start off green and ripen to white with red seeds when ready to pick. They have extremely fragrant flesh and have a taste similar to pineapple. They can be grown in the vegetable plot alongside your other strawberries or in the greenhouse in large pot or hanging basket. Be the first to grow this unique and interesting fruit.

For the vegetable gowers why not try grafted plants this year. They are specially designed plants with high cropping varieties gratfed onto the rootstock of stronger, disease resistant plants. Cropping can be as much as 60% higher compared to seed raised plants and they resistant to most soil-borne pests and diseases. They are also more tolerant of cooler conditions so if the summer fails to perform, you vegetables won't. They are available from April and will be in the varieties of Cumcumber 'Jazzer', Pepper 'Jericho', Tomato 'Trilly', 'Maestria', 'Supersteak' and 'Previa'.