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Jellycat Wildlife and Farmyard Soft Toys Collection

Jellycat Wildlife and Farmyard Soft Toys Collection

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Cornelius Owl
Cornelius Owl is a rich reddy-brown, just like his bed of snuggly leaves! This tubby chick is gorgeously soft, with fuzzy, flappy sticky-out wings. His sweet little face has neat short fur, to show off his cute beak and shining russet eyes. He's super-proud of his fine squashy feet, which help him perch on the highest branches!

Delphine Duck
Delphine Duck is a carnival of quirk! This dafty duck likes to be different, with bluey-grey plumage sticking up in all directions! Her little wings are flappy-fab and her soft pebbly feet and beak are perfect for paddling and dabbling! Dizzy and daring, this bold little bird is always the star of the show.

Dilys Duck
Stripes and splashes from this bold bird!

Divine Reindeer
A very merry reindeer for you!

Fancy Peacock
Fancy Peacock lives up to that name, with glorious bluey-green velvety fur. This beautiful peacock is a keen ballet dancer, and has put on a very fine mossy mesh tutu. With a squishy gold crown and gold satin shoes, this leggy bird is ready to leap! Bravo!

Fancy Swan
Fancy Swan loves playing princesses in her glorious golden crown and shoes! Her perky cream wings and long neck and legs are perfect for going on parade! With a beautiful detailed soft beak and flouncy tutu in soft vanilla mesh, she's every inch the royal sweetie. Give her queen-sized cuddles!

Gabby Goose
Gabby Goose is as chatty as her name! This merry miss is Odette's best friend and loves a goosey gossip! She has fancy feathers with caramel tips that make her look like a rather glam pompom! Her burnt-orange feet and tawny beak are squishably soft and beautifully detailed. A flurry of fun, she always has the biggest goofy grin!

Little Owl
Simply hootiful.

Lovely Llama
A perfect puffball of pastel fur, Lovely Llama is so, so snuggly. Llamas are very friendly, and this little one is no exception. With silky, crimped fur and squidgy hooves, it's easy to see why this scamp is called Lovely. Standing tall, with neat foldy ears, Lovely Llama is ready to trot.

Merrydays Cow
For lollopy laughs and buttercream cuddles, make friends with Merrydays Cow! This black and cream cutie has soft little horns and an even softer heart. Merrydays Cow loves to roll in the meadow, waggling those beige ears and tasselly tail. Just the buddy for a stroll in the country!

Nocturne Bat
Nocturne Bat is a tiny bit shy, and likes to hide in her suedey wings! Get to know this flying fuzzy and you'll soon be the best of friends. Her big blue eyes are adorably sweet and those neat claw feet help her sleep upside down! A dusky pal with waggly ears, she'll flutter right into your heart.

Nocturne Bush Baby
Who's that peeping shyly at me? It's Nocturne Bush Baby, up in the tree! Rusty and ruffly, this ginger cutie has the biggest, shiniest golden eyes! This bush baby loves to scramble and climb, with a long tail for balancing and neat, suedey paws. His tufty, tawny, great big ears help him hear all around the great, echoing forest.

Odette Ostrich
A rather splendiferous quirky bird, Odette Ostrich is a superstar! Her silky feathers are wonderfully funky in gorgeously dusty pink tones, and those squidgy long legs with their fluffy grey fur help her run really fast! This leggy lady may be glam, but she still loves a snuggle with her number one fan.

Orlando Owl
We love Orlando Owl’s quirky wild hair and sleepy cocoa face. Owls like to go out at night, so during the day, his soft claws help him perch in his tree for a nice long snooze. That is, until those cheeky cuckoos wake him up! Yummy-soft and very yawny, Orlando’s such a handsome tawny.

Polka Reindeer
Dasher and Dancer’s cutest cousin!

Poppet Sheep
A yummy jumble of cream and cappuccino, Poppet Sheep is the sweetest sheep we know. With his dreamy fleece and soft little hooves, it’s not hard to see why he gets so many tickles! He loves to go exploring on the hillside with his mummy, and snaffle buttercups for his tummy!

Ricardo Raccoon
Ricardo Raccoon is just so fluffy he needs a pal to help him groom his fur! Fuzzy and soft, in heathery grey, he has a neat little nose and cool black mask. His long stripy tail is velvety-soft and his big, flopsy arms are just right for cuddles. If you look close, you can see his ears poking out of his funky hairdo!

Roxie Reindeer
Dash and dance with rocking Roxie!

Spike Hedgehog
Trundling in with a big, cheesy grin, it's happy chappy Spike Hedgehog! He's the softest scamp with a cosy pot belly and fluffy two-tone spines. With a super suedey bobble nose, bright black eyes and scruffable ears, he might be a prankster, but he's tubby with love. Time for some forest fun!

Toastie Hedgehog
Amble, ramble and bundle up!

Toastie Piglet
Styling it out with a knit and a snout!

Truffles Highland Cow
With his soft horns, tousled fur and shy expression, Truffles Highland Cow will amble into your home and heart. He loves to relax and roll in the grass. He can be laid flat or sat up- he's ready for any task! His favourtie pastime though is a scrumptious picnic, down by the loch.


Tested to and passes the European Safety Standard for toys: EN71 parts 1, 2 & 3, for all ages.

Suitable from birth.

Made from 100% polyester.

Hand wash only; do not tumble dry, dry clean or iron. Not recommended to clean in a washing machine.

Check all labels upon arrival of purchase.

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