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Jellycat Exotic and Jungle Animals Soft Toys Collection

Jellycat Exotic and Jungle Animals Soft Toys Collection

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Arthur Anteater
A kooky pal for outdoor explorers!

Bartholomew Bear
Tawny-tousled and full of softness, Bartholomew Bear is the perfect bedtime buddy. Read him a story, sing him ‘The Teddy Bears’ Picnic' or maybe just rest on his fluffy fudge tummy - he’s adorably podgy!

Carnival Camel
He's one colourful camel!

Colin Chameleon
Colin Chameleon is such a charismatic critter! Soft as moss and jumbly-coloured, he's way too cool for just one shade. This kooky dude's got the biggest bobble eyes, a groovy crest and cool, detailed toes, but best of all is his springy, sproingy tail. Stretch it out and it pings right back!

Cyril Sloth
We can’t get over how gorgeous Cyril Sloth is. No wonder this little guy moves so slowly - everyone should see his scrummy tawny fur and snuggle that feathery softness. Flopsy, sleepy and smiley, with the friendliest grin, he’s the perfect gift for adventurous boys and girls. Curl up with sweetie Cyril at the end of a looong, looong day.

Dancing Darcey Elephant
Dancing Darcey Elephant believes everyone can dance! This soft little star has a gorgeous peach tutu and satin shoes tied perfectly. Short cocoa fur and long, long legs make a very cute dancer indeed, and we love those soft ears and squishable trunk. So whether you're a mini-Pavlova or a budding Billy Elliot, we're sure you can show this elly some moves!

Dancing Darcey Hippo
Dancing Darcey Hippo is so soft and heather-grey, and would love to sit and cuddle all day. But this little one has dance practice. A pretty pink tutu and satin shoes go well with this hippo's silky satin ears. Get ready for long-legged arabesques and gorgeously graceful glissades, before the most important part - a warm-down hug!

Doris Dodo
She's a flapper girl!

Dozydou Elephant
A very velvety elly.

Dozydou Hippo
Hug a hippo today!

Dozydou Lion
Always lion about!

Elly Elephant
Elly Elephant loves to pose, and can stand or sit or flop so sweetly! Scrummily soft in two-tone fur, she's blue and white and cute all over! Her trunk and cheeks are squishy and cuddly, and everyone loves those big, funky ears. Head out on parade with this cheeky elephant - pa-raaaaa!

Fancy Flamingo
Fancy Flamingo is a bird of her word, and always brings the loveliest looks! She's ready to party in a sparkly mesh tutu and matching silvery slippers and crown! They go so well with her rather splendid raspberry sorbet fur. She holds her bonny beak high and flaps her funky chunky wings! Keep it fancy, folks!

Flo Maflingo
Flo Maflingo is such a showgirl, in playful bubblegum pink! This fuzzy flamingo has powderpuff plumes and sweet mesh frills in candyfloss pink! She's a cabaret star with her lopsy legs and snuggly, squeezable beak. Her stiff neck stands up for posing power, and up on top, she's got a shock of soft pink fur. Go on, make a splash!

Flora Flamingo
Flora Flamingo is one funky lady, with soft, way feathers in springtime pink! This lanky lass is Tony Toucan's friend, and she loves to step out with him, looking like a star. Her long black beak is gorgeously bold and her long legs and neck look cool in hot pink. Flora loves her quirky look, and we think she's flapping fabulous.

Gary Gecko
Gary Gecko is a quirky fellow, with marvellous mottled, bobbly fur. His big suedey eyes help him spot his dinner - usually some tasty bugs! Mossy and bossy, he's a groovy gecko, and wears his tail in a supercool curl. Shake knobbly hands with this wizard lizard!

Gilbert Gator
Groovy in green!

Harry Panda Cub
Tubby and ticklish, Harry Panda Cub is such a cuddly chap. His charcoal-grey and creamy fur is velvety-soft and so beary snuggly. Harry's beany feet help him sit up, and his lollopy legs swing about when he's carried. We love his bobbly tail the best!

Inky Octopus
Inky Octopus gives the very best hugs - eight at a time! Blue-black and squashy, with scrummy cordy tentacles, this funny octopus loves to play! Pull those long, curly arms to watch them ping back into place! Inky loves to swish about, but prefers to ride on a good friend's head!

Lexi Leopard
Lexi Leopard says she's crouching to pounce, but we think she's secretly having a snooze! A jungle joker with scrummy printed fur, she's always exploring and finding treasure! She can sniff out fun with her biscuity muzzle, hear all around with her perky ears and race home for hugs with her long tail flying!

Merryday Tiger
Tiger, tiger, purring bright!

Merryday Zebra
What a super stripey hoofer!

Odell Octopus
Get tangled up with gorgeous Odell Octopus! A squishy, splendid brick-red octopus, she has so much love to give! Smiley and silly, with bright, glossy eyes, she's a very friendly cephalopod. Odell has eight fine, curly arms with cosy cordy and classic fur. No surprise that she gives the best hugs in the ocean!

Olaf Orangutan
A jungle VIP!

Peanut Penguin
Adorable, snuggly and very, very cosy, let’s welcome the wonderful Peanut Penguin! Vintage-inspired in the baby-softest fur, he’s got icebergs full of cute charisma! Toddlers will love his friendly face and fuzzy flippers. Time to shake a tail feather and slide across the snow!

Perry Polar Bear
For the cosiest cuddles in the whole North Pole, skate on over to Perry Polar Bear! Unbelievably snuggly, this cloudy cream cub is as soft as freshly fallen snow. He sits so neatly on his beany bottom, and has the cutest bobble nose and nubbly tail. Hold him close and turn chilly days into silly days!

Pitterpat Elephant
With the longest legs in the whole mighty herd, Pitterpat Elephant is very special. Dreamy-soft in pebble grey, our lanky elly can reach any tree! Looking very fine with those big flappy ears and squishy, squashy trunk, Pitterpat Elephant is a proud jungle champ.

Pitterpat Lion
Pitterpat Lion has been practising roaring, and has gotten so sleepy, it's time to sit down. Long and leggy, this sunshine lion has the silkiest mane and tassel tail - not to mention that snuffly snout and perfect chocolate-drop nose! The perfect look for parading with the pride!

Pitterpat Monkey
Swinging on the slippy vines is easy for Pitterpat Monkey! This loveable monkey has the longest arms in fluffy-soft chestnut fur! With a cheeky beige face and foldy ears, Pitterpat Monkey is the cutie of the treetops. Beany paws help our monkey sit up, and that winning smile gets lots of bananas!

Polka Penguin
Waddle this way!

Poppet Elephant
Poppet Elephant is more like a pocket elephant! She’s only a squirt, but wins big on the cute factor! Her fabulous ears are so silky-soft, and very useful too. They help this elly hear lots of useful things, including very low sounds that humans can’t hear! What a remarkable little Poppet!

Sea Sorbet Aqua
Who's that shimmering in the waves? It must be Sea Sorbet Aqua. This gorgeous narwhal has bright blue neon fur and a magical holographic tooth! Set off on a tide of adventure with this cheery, chipper turquoise skipper! Anchors away!

Sea Sorbet Fuchsia
Sea Sorbet Fuchsia is a scrummy treat in yummy raspberry fur. This narwhal has a big silvery tooth that's squishably soft and helps point the way whenever you're lost! Snuggly, wriggly and warm as toast - just the pal for a mighty sea voyage.

Tony Toucan
Tony Toucan is a very dapper dan. Long, scrumptious navy-blue plumage, a beautiful carrot-orange beak, fancy cream and coral face and squishy, suedey bright blue feet! This quirky chap is friends with Flora Flamingo, and they often parade down the street together. Strut and squawk, fashion fans!

Toothy Croc
Minty-fresh and delightfully daft.

Walter Warthog
Go hog wild with this perky piglet!

Wilbur Whale
A big warm welcome to Wilbur Whale, who joins us from the depths of the sea! This huge-hearted softy is an underwater wonder, and we’re crazy about his contrast cordy tummy. Sleepy aquanauts can nap on Wilbur’s squashy, velvety back. Sweet dreams, intrepid ocean explorers!

Wild Thing Elephant
Give us an elly!

Wild Thing Hippo
Hippo, is it me you're looking for?


Tested to and passes the European Safety Standard for toys: EN71 parts 1, 2 & 3 for all ages.

Suitable from birth. Huge and Large sizes - please do not leave in a cot/ crib.

Made from 100% polyester.

Sponge clean only; do not tumble dry, dry clean or iron. Not recommended to clean in a washing machine.

Check all labels upon arrival of purchase.

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