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Jellycat 'Bashful' Animals Soft Toys Collection

Jellycat 'Bashful' Animals Soft Toys Collection

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Small - 18cm
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Huge - 51cm

Bashful Bat loves to swoop and flutter, with wonderful wings in soft mushroom fur. This fancy bat gives excellent hugs, and wraps up pals in a fuzzy embrace. We love those adorable suedey ears, bright, shiny eyes and stitched snub nose. Looking smart for a flit in the dark!

This busy bee knows how to get stuff done and have fun whilst doing it. This little guy is always buzzing around doing this and that but he somehow always finds time to play, and when he wants to relax he sits in a garden just taking in all the smelly smells of the flowers.

Black and Cream Puppy
Silky-soft and lovingly loyal, Bashful Black & Cream Puppy wants to play all day! He comes in five sizes, from huge and huggable to itsy bitsy baby. His smudgy black patch and sooty tail make him even more adorable!

Black and White Kittens
This little kitty cat is looking for a new home; she thinks it might be you. Are you up to the challenge of trying to keep up with energetic ball of fluff?

Scrumping apples? Not Bashful Calf. She’s a daisy-munching, kooky little cow, whose favourite song is “Old Macdonald”! Can you guess which part she sings the loudest? With her soft white horns and lovely splotchy fur, she’s happy as a bee in a flower!

Chaucer Dog
This old man of a dog wants nothing more than to lie down and Catch a few Z’s but will only do so when it has a partner. It doesn’t need a bed to fall asleep anywhere will do really, this means you have to make sure he’s in a comfortable spot because he won’t say a thing if he isn’t.

Cream mouse
This mouse goes crazy for cheese, like all mice it’s his biggest weakness and as such he will do anything to get it so guard any cheese you have. This little fella will do what he can to convince you to spare some cheese. His love for cheese is so big he even searches for it in his sleep.

One cuddle please, and make it snappy!

Most dinosaurs were scaly and tough, but Bashful Dino is the softest stegosaurus we’ve ever snuggled! He likes to stomp around so his squishy spines wobble, and practise his adorable roar. But how did he get so gorgeously green? Perhaps it’s all that grass he’s been eating!

Most dragons are scaley and can be quite scary, but not this little fireball! Bashful Dragon has soft, plum fur and the squidgiest tail you ever did see. Like all dragons, he loves shiny things, though he prefers sweeties to jewels! We love his funny ears and super-cool wings - wonder where he’s planning to fly to next?

Waddle, splash, flutter and quack- that’s Bashful Duckling’s daily routine! Sometimes this little duck needs some time to rest. With silky soft wings, in beautiful buttermilk, and big squishy webbed feet, in eye-catching orange, this soft toy is as soft as a feather and will happily snooze after all that playtime.

Fox Cub
Cheeky little Bashful Fox is a jiffly ginger cub with fluffy white ears, feet and tail-tip. He loves to play giggly games, but this wily fox is far from tricking you; fun times and treats are for everyone he meets!

The perfect present for a caring keeper, Bashful Giraffe is loving and loyal, if a little shy! His toffee and white fur is as velvety as can be, and he loves to have his squidgy horns tickled!

This happy hippo is very protective of his friends and can sometimes take it too far by guarding them whilst they sleep. Even though he has an upbeat attitude loves hugs and cuddles he does have some negatives, such as he doesn’t like naps all that much and he is very hard to wake up.

Lady bug
This lady bug is terrible at keeping secrets due to the fact that she talks in her sleep, so be careful what you say near this one or it’ll be known by any and all who are near while it sleeps. The red and black spotted surface makes for a nice change in decoration and will fit into any collection seamlessly.

This is one lazy leopard, he doesn’t hunt he dozes and he’s never awake during the day due to being a nocturnal animal. The spotted look goes well with this guy leaving little to complain about its plenty soft and extremely cuddleable.

For the King of the Beasts, Bashful Lion is looking sweetly, well, bashful! He wants a caring companion to ruffle his luxurious caramel mane. Give this squeezy, butter-bellied big cat a snuggle - it can be lonely being boss!

Made of beautiful silky smooth Bashful fur in a scrummy creamy chocolatey colour, this monkey swings through the trees as fast as can be, to become a number one playmate- understandably!

It can get pretty quiet in the snow, so little Bashful Penguin likes to read. But since there are no bookshops in Antarctica, he has to write them himself! There’s Fantastic Mr Penguin, The Very Hungry Penguin...well, you get the idea. This soft penguin chick has gorgeous grey fur with a bonny white tuxedo tummy and silky beak and feet.

Polar Bear
This bear comes from the North Pole and out of habit always searches for the warmest place to sleep and that just so happens to be near you. Because of the body heat we give off this fella will always aim to sleep right by your side. With his white fur and cute as a button black nose you’ll never not see him coming.

Burrowing out to say hello, it’s Bashful Racoon! This mischievous little critter is on the lookout for new friends to share biscuits with and, with its super soft grey fur, and charming cream mask, is ready to cuddle day or night.

This funny little dude insists on being the centre of attention wherever he goes. No matter where you put this guy eyes will be drawn to him.

The black and orange stripes on this one really make it stand out, and the texture of its fur really invites you in for a hug and possibly even a nap.

Sugar-sweet in pink and white, Bashful Unicorn is such a delight. Full of magic and moonlight, she loves the forest, so be sure to take her on any picnic. So very cuddly, with squish-squashy hooves, even her horn is shimmery-soft. Sprinkle bedtime with stardust and let imaginations gallop!

Jazzy jiggles with a four-footed friend!


Tested to and passes the European Safety Standard for toys: EN71 parts 1, 2 & 3, for all ages.

Suitable from birth.

Made from 100% polyester.

Hand wash only; do not tumble dry, dry clean or iron. Not recommended to clean in a washing machine.

Check all labels upon arrival of purchase.

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